Welcome to the Elbert County Men of Valor prayer group.

We are a group of men that worship God and seek guidance and wisdom from His words. We are centered in Elbert County Colorado, but men from everywhere are welcome to join us. We hold periodic meetings with inspirational guest speakers, and attend relevant events.  With members from several area churches, we are non-denominational and strive to be an environment that is positive, supportive, and understanding of the issues for all men in today’s world.

Did you know?
The number one factor for children attending church as adults is the father’s church attendance when they were a child. If a father does not attend church, no matter how faithful the mom is, only 1 child in 50 will become a regular worshipper – only 2%! But, if a father attends regularly, then 22 out of 50 will attend as adults – 44%!

Male church goers are more likely to be happily married and have a higher level of life satisfaction. Church involvement is the greatest predictor of marital stability and happiness.

‘Fatherlessness’ produces:

  • Increased Poverty
  • Depression, suicidal tendencies
  • Issues with drug abuse, alcoholism, low self-esteem.
  • Marital instability, toxic parenting.
  • A legacy of pain and poverty

So, please consider joining our humble group and strive with us to change the world to a better place by spreading the love of Jesus.

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